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Helpful information for seafarers

Local shopping, transport, etc..

Please remember that Stella Maris – Port Adelaide is only staffed by Volunteers


Our centre at 437 Victoria Road, Taperoo is open only Monday to Friday, 1 to 5pm. The centre is not open during the evenings or on weekends or Public Holidays. You can call the centre on 0413 393 019 or +61871277899 during our opening hours (1-5pm, Mon to Friday).

If phone goes to message bank, the next available volunteer will action your call.

Whenever our centre is closed, you can make your own arrangements regarding transport, shopping, etc.. ​as set out below: -



Train services are available from Outer Harbor & North Haven stations to Port Adelaide & Adelaide stations. The line is called the Outer Harbor line.

The Outer Harbor and Adelaide stations are at either end of the line.

Details such as stations and timetables can be found online at Ticket machines are available on each train carriage (but you need Australian currency for the machines).


Call Suburban Taxis on (08) 8400 6280 or 131 008 to book a cab. 



The closest shopping centres are located at Osborne Road, North Haven or Semaphore Road, Semaphore. Larger shopping centres are available in Port Adelaide (Port Mall & Port Plaza) & West Lakes (Westfield). The Port Plaza shopping centre is close to the Port Adelaide train station.


Enquiries regarding any urgent needs should be directed to your ship's captain and/or the shipping agent.​



You have to arrange you own transport from ships to security at berths OH 6 & 7.

Please note that our pickup time is at 1 pm (unless advised otherwise
e.g. if there are ships at other wharves at the same time, there could be a short delay)


If your ship is at the container berths (Outer Harbor 6 & 7) you will need to contact security to arrange transport from ship to the security hut. The Stella Maris Bus does not go to ships. 

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