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Stella Maris Port Adelaide Christmas Hamper Program (and more)

We have delivered Christmas hampers (2 boxes) to ships visiting Port Adelaide around Christmas time as part of our Christmas Hamper Program. We managed to deliver half of the hampers to 10 ships in just two days.

This has all been made possible thanks to several kind donations to our Christmas Hamper Program, including donations from BHP and the Drake Supermarket at North Haven.

The 20 hampers comprising of two large boxes were packed by Drake Supermarket at North Haven, and we thank Gareth and his staff there for their great effort. Many thanks also go to BHP and our own hard-working volunteers.

Today our volunteers delivered a Christmas hamper to the crew of the Maersk Curacao at M Berth. That means that we have delivered hampers to 11 ships, including 2 ships at Whyalla. Coast 2 Coast agents kindly delivered the hampers to the Whyalla ships for us.

The Seafarers really appreciate the hampers. It’s our way of letting them know “We are thinking of them”.

We will be giving Christmas presents to more ships visiting Port Adelaide over Christmas, thanks to the generosity of Vinnies at Henley Beach. We also continue to give away lots of woollen beanies, scarves & gloves kindly donated by a team of volunteer knitters to visiting seafarers.

We are also giving away to visiting seafarers, huge stocks of T-shirts, scarves & hoodies donated to us.



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